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     In the tours on the Raising Baby Turtles page we have avoided showing our outdoor turtle pens and concentrated mostly on small turtles, baby turtles, and indoor habitats. But just as we experiment with unique how to techniques for aquariums and vivariums, we experiment with techniques for outdoor habitats. We have already presented a few ideas for outdoor habitats on the Raising Baby Turtles page.

     We have delayed showing our turtle pens because TurtleTails.com  is about turtles not us. The more we show, the more we feel we are making TurtleTails.com  too much about us. That is not our intent. We do not want to appear boastful. We do want to present ideas and techniques you may wish to incorporate into your pet turtle habitats. So in this series of tours we will share techniques we use in our outdoor turtle pens.

    Our goals for housing turtles outdoors are similar to those listed on the Raising Baby Turtles page:
        1.    Provide healthy and safe environments,
        2.    Provide interesting and enjoyable environments,
        3.    Minimize daily and seasonal maintenance,
        4.    Have fun! In this case the fun includes gardening and landscaping.

     Before we go any further, we wish to discuss what we call our outdoor turtle habitats. We have always simply referred to them as "turtle pens". They can be called anything you like such as outdoor enclosures or outdoor habitats. One book we like refers to them as outdoor vivariums. It may be more fun to give the pens place names and even name places inside the pens. Some people may even choose to put up name signs. Remember one of our goals is to have fun.

    Like on the Raising Baby Turtles page, there will be no particular order to the subjects covered. We will simply present subjects as we are ready.


Backyard Tour 1: The Court Yard Garden Turtle Pen
Tour our court yard garden turtle pen for box turtles and other terrestrial turtles.
Revised 1/14/2010

Backyard Tour 2: The Bog Garden Turtle Pen
Tour our bog garden turtle pen for mud turtles and musk turtles.
Revised 1/14/2010

Backyard Tour 3: Keeping Records on Your Turtles
Keeping records on your turtles can be very useful and fun to do.
New 1/14/2010

Backyard Tour 4: Protecting Turtle Nests
Some ways to protect turtle nests from being destroyed by predators.
Revised 1/14/2010

Backyard Tour 5: The Bog-in-a-Box Turtle Pen
Tour our bog in a box for small water turtles including baby turtles.
Revised 5/25/2012

Backyard Tour 6: Introducing New Turtles
Read a story about how we introduced three Rio Grande cooters to our family and how the turtles introduced themselves to each other.
New 1/14/2010

Hibernation of Pet Turtles from the Raising Baby Turtles page.
What we do with our turtles during Pennsylvania winters.

Backyard Tour 7: Building a Bog Garden for Turtles
See how we built a bog garden for turtles in a large turtle pen and how we made the edge of the rubber liner disappear.
Revised 1/14/2010

Backyard Tour 8: Flipping Worms
See how we flip worms; it is the fastest and easiest way to collect worms for our turtles.
New 1/14/2010

Backyard Tour 9: Our Old Turtle Pond
This tour is to describe the evolution behind our new pond that will be the subject of Tour 10 to come.
Revised 1/14/2010

Backyard Tour 10: Our New Turtle Pond
This tour describes the construction of our new concrete lined turtle pond.
Revised 8/22/2010

Backyard Tour 11: Choosing Locations for Turtle Pens
In this tour we describe our thoughts on where to locate turtle pens.
New 7/5/2014

Backyard Tour 12: Dangers in the Spring
In this tour we describe dangers turtles face emerging from hibernation.
New 3/9/2016

Backyard Tour 13: Emily in the Spring
This tour is all about Emily and her spring routine.
Revised 3/15/2018
We hope you enjoyed these tours and picked up a few ideas for use in your turtle habitats.

Revised 3/15/2018

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